This weekend in Fairfield, Iowa: Drought Proofing Your Farm w/ Darren Doherty

Do you think any Fairfieldians would appreciate having a friendly agroecologist on their couch for the weekend?

I’d love to go out to Drought Proofing Your Farm, with the inimitable Darren Doherty and I can get a ride with the great folks at Midwest Permaculture – but I’m still working on some el cheapo accommodations.

That this trip is even a remote possibility is due the event being sponsored by several regional sustainable agriculture organizations (which you can see on the event site, linked to above) – so props to them. The weekend ticket (not including food/housing) is $100, and $25 for students. This is how I like to see permaculture education being done!

If you aren’t familiar with Darren’s work – he’s as real as it gets. And his Australian perspective is sadly more and more relevant for the North American Midwest, as our summers grow to resemble’s Australia’s own inimical climate.