Scholarships available for Financial Permaculture!

Details and registration here: Permaculture 2013

Some thoughts on making the investment:

• $657 for 5 full days (and evenings) with an (ahem) star-studded 16+ person teaching team is impressively cheap.

• Food is included in that figure – lodging is $165 for dorm-style, $60 for camping, or you can arrange your own.

• If you enter LIBECOL at registration, they’ll knock $80 off your tuition.

• Scholarships are available.

• If you refer others to the event, your tuition will be reduced by 10% of whatever they pay.

I’m teaching this workshop for expenses only* because I’m excited about this format and teaching team – and because, as I’ve mentioned in other posts – I think it’s getting at the heart of the economic bottleneck that regenerative businesses are facing. I think it’s going to be an amazing event.

*Expenses, in this case, means that I’ll be provided with food and lodging, and most of my travel expenses will be paid for. Teachers also get 10% of tuition paid by students they refer to the course. In my case, it will probably amount to enough to cover another slice my remaining travel costs. It’s worth it!