Interview on Permaculture Podcast

Just returned from Miami and the Financial Permaculture course. Just catching up with life, and realized I forgot to post a link to the very fun interview I did with Scott Mann at Permaculture Podcast a few weeks ago.

Check it out!

My guest for this episode is Rafter Sass Furguson, a PhD student at the University of Illinois whose doctoral thesis involves visiting and documenting 50 self-identified permaculture farms across the United States. Though that work forms the body of our discussion, along the way we touch on science literacy, permaculture education, crowd-funding of scientific research, permaculture and metaphysics, farms and financial permaculture, and his work as an agroecologist and how that discipline informs his teaching and practice of permaculture. Quite a bit to cover in the 45 minutes or so of our conversation.

As Scott notes, the interview is actually a pretty good introduction and overview to my work – for anyone seeking something along those lines.