“Permaculture for Agroecology” is out! 13

I want to say “at long last” but really it’s been a relatively quick process, given the going pace of academic publication. It’s just been in any-day-now land for several weeks, so I’ve been experiencing very faint shades of when my mom made us kids sit and eat a nice breakfast before opening Xmas presents.

The paper will be Open Access at Springer – in Agronomy for Sustainable Development, in case you missed it – but right now it’s stuck behind a paywall. I’ll continue to host it here in any event. If you would care to point people at this post rather than emailing the article around, I’d be grateful. Thanks!

11/10/2013 Update: As Dana points out below, it’s no longer stuck behind the paywall. 🙂

11/18/2013 Update: If you are on ResearchGate, please download through my RG profile here:
ResearchGate.PermacultureForAgroecology Apparently it helps boost some statistic that may be important to me at some point. Thanks!

If you aren’t on ResearchGate, then go ahead and download it right here: [wpdm_file id=2]