Toward 21st Century Permaculture: new articles 1

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If I haven’t attended to the website in ages – and I haven’t – it’s because my scarce extracurricular writing time has gone into articles that I couldn’t share until now. I’m very excited to have two articles in the current issue of Permaculture Activist (Autumn 2014, No. 93). The theme of this issue is “Experimentation – Science in Permaculture” and it looks to be a tremendous one all around. Other authors include some dear friends: my long-time co-teacher Steve Gabriel of Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute, and the excellent forest gardener and human being we know as Jonathan Bates. I’m also happy to appear alongside newer friends and colleagues I’ve connected with over the past few years: Abbie Conrad (writing on  her tremendous work on permaculture among smallholder farmers in Malawi), Chris Warburton-Brown from the UK Permaculture Research Brigade, and Christopher Kelly-Bisson (of the new permaculture e-journal The Rhizome).

Plus, bonus people I don’t know at all! Action packed!

Now that the issue is out, I’m happy to share digital versions of both articles. One is a re-worked version of the talk I gave in Cuba at the Int’l Permaculture Congress last year, and I’ve given it the same title:

“People’s Science or Pseudoscience?”


The other article is “Critical Questions and Early Answers” and it’s a whirlwind tour of the last three years of permaculture research. I use my three projects, in their various stages, as lenses on some big questions of where we’re at and what we need to be paying attention to – through the lens of agroecological science, the demographics of our movement, and what’s happening on the ground at US permaculture farms.


I hope that they both provoke some useful discussion. Looking forward to it!