Daily Archives: December 17, 2015

That full title is: “Grassroots engagement with transition to sustainability: diversity and modes of participation in the international permaculture movement.” It’s been a long journey from collecting this data way back in 2012, through what ended up being a very involved statistical analysis, and on to writing, submission, revision, and final acceptance. I’m delighted to have it out there, particularly in a great open-access journal like Ecology and Society. You can find it at researchgate.net if you have an account (which may benefit my reputation score or something), or freely downloadable through the journal here.     Here are some of my favorite bits, from the Introduction and Conclusion (spoiler alert!): [snip] The evident successes of the permaculture network are balanced by problematic assumptions and implications that evoke the hazards of insularity, exclusivity, particularity, and scale mismatch to which grassroots networks are prone. The emphasis on individual responsibility, and the proposed abandonment […]

New paper out in Ecology and Society: “Grassroots engagement with ...