Daily Archives: November 20, 2017

[mea_culpa] This piece is not fair. I’m critiquing the work of one person, Christine Jones of Amazing Carbon, to illustrate an issue that is much bigger than one person. I’ve been sitting on this piece for over a year now, because I’m not excited about picking on one person in particular, and because I’ve hoped to put this critique in the context of a larger discussion. But that larger work, being outside the scope of things I actually get paid for, continues to elude me. And in the meantime I see my allies continue to cite some pretty questionable materials. So I’m sharing this now. Try and zoom out to the larger questions of how we can all do better, and think of this piece as an abbreviated case study. [/mea_culpa] Grazing advocates and regenerative agriculture folks frequently draw on the work of Christine Jones when addressing the power of […]

Methane, grazing, and our credibility gap