Participation Survey

1,055 responses later, with 705 surveys completed to the very last question – it’s time to put the survey to bed. It’s been an exciting three months watching responses come in from all over the world. Permaculturists from over 40 countries participated! Now the task of analyzing this mountain of data begins… ūüėČ

Participation Survey is CLOSED.

The Participation Survey will close on October 22. The response has been incredible: ~800 respondents from 40 countries! Especially given the language limitation – the survey is only available in English – this is remarkable. This has been a pretty epic project, and as far as I know, unprecedented. And of course, the real project – digging into and learning from all this information – has yet to really begin. Please respond to the survey if you haven’t – and invite your friends and contacts to invite¬†their friends and contacts… Clicking on the flyer below will bring you to the survey page.

One last push for the Participation in Permaculture survey project!

Just a little update – and breakdown – on the survey responses so far. A lot of folks have been curious about when the results of this survey will be made available – which is great. I want to reiterate that we are still in the first few days of a 2 year project.¬†I’m excited to develop and share preliminary analyses well before the end of the project, but there are more than a couple steps in between now and then.¬†The survey itself will be up and running for another several months. Hint, hint. That being said, here is a snapshot of a the first week of the survey. I’m sharing a geographic breakdown right now, just because it’s too soon to dive into more in-depth analysis. I¬†will soon be sharing some other early results of systematic literature analysis – or bibliometrics – that went into my proposal dissertation – […]

Geographic Breakdown of Survey Respondents to Date

We’ve gotten well over a hundred responses in the first few days of¬†the survey.¬†I’m so heartened – and to be frank, relieved! – by the participation of the permaculture community. Thanks to all, and please go ahead and keep on suggesting that your friends and colleagues refer¬†their¬†friends and colleagues… I’m doing on-going quality control¬†on the survey, based on respondent comments. Some early bugs were flushed out and fixed right away, as well as a few cases where question format or clarity could be improved. For the most part, complaints about questions are widely distributed, rather than clustering around trouble spots. This is good – as long as most people complain about different things, we’re doing ok. And the frequent comments about actually¬†enjoying the survey certainly help. (The relatively few problems with roll-out can be attributed largely to¬†¬†Eric Toensmeier‘s generosity in live-testing the survey last week. Big ups to Eric and […]

Survey is off… and running.