By which I mean: we’re almost ready to begin. Changing the Face of Farming concluded tonight, at a triumphant 173% of our original funding goal, or $8645. That this was accomplished without any donations over $500, and very few over $100, is a testament to the power of both crowdfunding and the permaculture network. 164 separate individuals contributed to the campaign! It’s a rare privilege to get to thank 164 people for their support of your work. A great unexpected benefit of this project has been the opportunity to connect with so many inspired and inspiring people, about the importance of all our work – and the place of this research within the much greater project of shifting our world in the direction of a just and sustainable society. I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity to connect with so many kindred spirits. It’s worth noting that, as a result, I’m also way […]

And… we’re done!

Status Report I can’t express my gratitude emphatically enough. Today, with five days left in the campaign, we passed the $8000 mark. That’s over 160% of our benchmark! This is obviously great news, and it means that the project will definitely move forward. But it’s not time to rest yet – there is still plenty of good to achieve in these last few days. Incoming funds continue to support the inclusion of more farms in the project, toward the ultimate goal and full sample of 50 farms.   Please help spread the word about this research. If you have friends, family or colleagues who might be interested in supporting science and sustainability, write an email or pick up the phone and let them know how important this project is.   The link for sharing is Why not take it easy? With the crowdfunding project a roaring success, why aren’t I just coasting in to the finish line? There […]

Changing the Face of Farming: Update #3

Yesterday we hit our benchmark of $5000. Thanks so much to everyone for all your support –  and it’s not over! There is now enough money to get started, as I continue to seek the funding that will get us to completion. This project will go forward. All donations going forward allow me to include more farms in the project, toward the ultimate goal, and full sample, of fifty farms. Let’s see what we can do in the 18 days left. I’d like to continue to use these updates to talk about not just the fund raising (while it’s happening) but also about the research itself. So, where are we at in the process, and what have we learned so far? First – where we are. The project has four phases. 1. Identify possible permaculture farms – through internet searchers, email list queries, snowball referrals, and this. This has been going on since the summer. 2. […]

Changing the Face of Farming: Update #2

Changing the Face of Farming is over halfway to our goal – after just 10 days of fundraising! The level of support for my research – and for permaculture research – means a tremendous amount to me. Thank you so much, to everyone who has donated and helped spread the word. I thought I’d share a brief update to let you know how things are going with the development of the project. Over 100 farms so far have responded to a preliminary survey. This means we already have a course snapshot of the scale of production on permaculture farms, and the beginning of a sense of how permaculture is influencing farm planning. At this preliminary step, we’ve already increased our understanding of permaculture farms, and generated solid data that was never available before. Very exciting! (I’ll be blogging about this soon, so stay tuned for more analysis.) Over 70 farms so far, […]

Changing the Face of Farming: Update #1