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Thank you supporters!

Research Travel

The $8645 I raised from 164 donors has gone a long way. (See original campaign here.) I’ve visited over 30 farms, from forbidding high desert to fertile humid valleys, and from less than an acre in size up to 2000 acres. In the process, I’ve also spent months and months away from home, driven over 16,000 miles, and slept in and on a tremendous variety of couches, floors, barns, spare rooms, fields, and at the occasional Motel 6. The gallery map page is full of images from a good chunk of my travels, and I’ll be adding more soon.

At each farm I’ve intensively collected data on land use, farm economics, quality of life, and more. Data like this has never existed about permaculture farms before now, and it’s going to be a tremendous resource.

I’ve stretched the original fund far, but it’s long gone. I’ve got another 2000 miles of driving, a month away from home, and some incredible farms to visit before I’m done.

Please help me complete this crucial field research by donating below. Then the other half of the project begins in earnest: sifting, sorting, and analyzing all the information I’ve gathered in order to find the story that it tells, and synthesize the useful lessons. I’ve already learned so much, before I’ve even begun analysis. Thank you so much for your support.

I will honor the rewards from the original campaign page.

Stretch goals: any funds beyond $1500 will support extended follow-up with participating farms.

We’ve met our goal! Thanks so much to all supporters!

We can still use your help.

All incoming contributions now support and extend follow-up with participating farms.