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I’m especially interested in hearing from folks who are:

  • actively working on race/class/gender issues in permaculture movement building and curricula
  • doing formal research – biophysical or social – on permacultur
  • interested in bringing me in for teaching or consulting work

Permaculture in Academia

If you are searching for advice about studying permaculture academia, I recommend looking at programs in agroecology. You can find helpful links to programs here and here. Agroecology is often very interdisciplinary, so many of those programs will encompass social and biophysical research. Geography programs – secret hotbeds of radicalism that they are – can also be great for permaculture research.

Developing Permaculture Research Projects

If you are in the very beginning phases of a research project, and are looking for resources, here are some places to start:

  1. Permaculture for Agroecology for an overview of (my take on) issues and burning questions in permaculture.
  2. The Permaculture Research Handbook for a very accessible introduction to everything from developing a research question to choosing appropriate methods. This is put out by the great folks at UK Permaculture.
  3. A basic guide for empirical environmental social science gives a broad and somewhat more technical review of methods appropriate for social research.

If you are searching for other kinds of advice or information about permaculture, please read this.