Occasionally, I do a talk or interview that makes it to the web. I’ll post links here as they become available. If you see a link out there that I’m missing, let me know.


Sep 22. Video. “Permaculture in Theory and Practice – Grassroots Agroecology and Diversified Farms” at AgroParisTech, for special conference “Permaculture et agroécologie: Quels concepts la permaculture peut-elle apporter à l’agroécologie ? Retours d’expériences en France et aux Etats-Unis”. Paris, France.

Aug 2.  Audio. “What is Permaculture?” Interview with Stefan Geyer on 21st Century Permaculture

Jun 1.  Screencast. “Strategies for Diversification” in webinar “Permaculture on Organic Farms: the State of Play” for eOrganic


Jul 23. Audio. “Permaculture Research” Interview with Scott Mann on The Permaculture Podcast

Nov 3. Screencast. “Perennial Agriculture Now: A global review of existing perennial staple crops by climate region and nutrient profile.” Presentation at theAmerican Society of Agronomy. Co-authored by me but presented by co-author Eric Toensmeier.


Dec 3. Video. “People’s Science of Pseudo-science?” at the 11th International Permaculture Convergence. Jibacoa, Cuba.

Jan  10. Audio. Permaculture Farms Interview with Scott Mann on The Permaculture Podcast