The Supporters of Changing the Face of Farming

All contributions are deeply appreciated. For those unable to donate, spreading the word about this campaign is another crucial way to support the project.

Thank you for supporting permaculture research.

$10 – $35

Leor Mugrabi, julietnpn, Karryn Olson-Ramanujan, Mark Krawczyk, Terry Sullivan,Ryan Barrett, Kate Bathras, Adam MacLean, Milton Dixon, Hiroyuki Hamada, Jonathan, Lee Worden

$50 – $70

Carey Smith, William Kearns, Shaun M Higley, Steve Gabriel, Stephan Hoche, Jem, Lisa Fernandes, Mark Enslin, Laura Weiland, Nan and Don Mulvey, Connor Stedman, Rebecca Batchelder, Andrew Clinard, Steve Bean, Dave Jacke, Emily Chameides, Shir Yaakov Feit


Kathy Mulvey, Benneth Phelps


Katherine Bascom, Wesley Bascom, James Wurzbach, Paul Taylor,
Sarah Taylor Lovell


Melissa Ferguson